"I don't care if you're a Fortune 500 CEO or a student thinking about starting their first business, Mitzi will change the way you think about more aspects of what REALLY makes the difference between success and failure in business than you can begin to imagine."


- Harry Levine

 Modern Times Marketing

“Mitzi Perdue is an extraordinarily accomplished and engaging story-teller – with quite a story to tell. Real lessons from the real trenches of business, told in a highly personal and memorable way.”


- Timothy Powell

 President, The Knowledge Agency®

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 “I truly found Mitzi's presentation uplifting.  It was filled with tips I can use right away.”


 - Dianna Whitney

 -Thelma Lay

  CEO, Maniera District Magazine

Mitzi Perdue

Insider Tips from Wildly Successful People

"Mitzi's story telling ability and style far exceeded my expectations. It felt like a personal conversation with a good, longtime friend and more, I felt like Mitzi was sharing private stories about the inner workings of the business and  thoughts that drove Frank's standards of excellence.   Mitzi's stories must be shared with all business students."


- Amy Miller

 Human Resources Consultant

"If you didn’t already know Mitzi Perdue, you will leave having gained a new best friend. Her talk is engaging and entertaining, and most importantly, filled with amazing and actionable information."


 - Stacy Kenny Mitchel

 Author and Happiness Coach at I’ll

 Take Success

"Her after dinner talk was perfect! A little of this, a little of that peppered, with that wonderful magic trick which surprised everyone and just the right amount of time to engage everyone! In addition, she is a thoroughly nice person and so gracious and personable!"


 -Jane Ridolfi,  ret. New York City

Mitzi is a wonderful charismatic person with a great story.  I have been in the Rotary for a long time, and I tell you, I’ve never seen the men and women so quiet listening to every word she said.


- Pastor Ted Henderson, Dover, DE Rotary

"Mitzi Perdue is a true inspiration to all who have the opportunity to hear her speak. Whether talking to an intimate group of 20 or a crowd of 200, Mitzi has the ability to bring Frank to life by sharing his philosophy of hard work, determination, and strong ethical principles. Our students love her and standing room only is a guarantee whenever Mitzi is on campus."


- Christy Weer

 Dean, Perdue School of Business.

"Mitzi Perdue took her listeners on the journey of her life among successful leaders of business. She shared the tips that helped both them and her turn opportunity into success.  Mitzi inspires others to 'redefine failure."


 - Christine L. Sherman

 U.S. Army Major – ret.

 "Mitzi Perdue can take a complex, critically important topic and masterfully create an intelligent, well-thought-out presentation. She uses her talent for oration to create a clear and captivating story that sometimes makes you think, sometimes makes you laugh, but always draws you in. Her recent presentation at the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation Annual Luncheon was brilliant."


 -Steve Salem, President, Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation

“Mitzi’s energy and demeanor are so engaging it seems as if time stands still while she is speaking!”


- Adrian R. Holmes

 Interior Decorator

"Mitzi Perdue spoke to the International Executives Resource Group, of which I am Chairman. She had a strong, but friendly presence and spoke with authority and deep knowledge. Importantly, she showed great understanding about Frank Perdue's decisions and why he was successful. Listeners went away with real lessons they could apply to their own businesses."


- Richard Guha

 Transformational Leadership,

 Fortune 100 CEO, Board Member Max

 Brand Equity, Inc.

Mitzi captivates her audience with a style that’s folksy, engaging, light-hearted and chock full of facts…all melding together and ultimately leading to an “aha moment” for the topic.


-Steve Schwalb, Industrial Engineering Consultant



An accomplished presenter, she was very

 warm and gracious. The Lions gave her a standing ovation as she closed.


 -Ron Nelson, Salisbury Lions Club

“Mitzi Perdue’s presentation at Delaware Technical Community College was remarkable. Her inspiring words reaffirmed and motivated all who were present that countless possibilities and opportunities can be in their future with hard work and perseverance.  Her eloquent words were coupled with personal observations and experiences from her own life that enabled her audience to readily connect with her on an emotional level. If you have the chance to attend a presentation by Mitzi Perdue you should without a doubt attend. It will transform the way you think of life!”


   --Erin Schutt, Delaware Technical Community College


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