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In 1993 something seriously unpleasant happened to Mitzi, and yet today she feels it was an incredible stroke of good luck. During a car accident, she badly ruptured a disc and ended up housebound, unable to walk for almost a year. Surgery completely cured the problem, but during the time of being housebound and in pain, she was looking for something that could take her mind off her back.


The answer was decorating eggs. It's not an accident she chose this hobby; both Frank and Mitzi enjoyed the humor of the Chicken Man" being married to "the Egg Lady."


Back in 1993,  Mitzi considered herself the most inartistic person she knew, but a year's "time out" led to the discovery an artistic side. With the help of the Art Instruction School's Correspondence Course, to her intense surprise, she morphed into an artist who typically gets paid $2500 for each of her EveningEggs™


Her spouse program talk is on:


Turning bad luck into good fortune

Exploring a really fun art form

Showing examples and telling stories about the EggScapes™ (To see samples, click here .)


Participants in the program will get to handle and even model the different mini-works of art. To see a gallery of her EggScapes™, click here.

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