“The presentation today was extremely uplifting as well as informative. Mitzi’s personal experiences and stories added life to the topic.”


 -Dianna Whitney -

Whitney-Wallace Commercial Real Estate Services

Five Success Tips from Mega Successful People,

or the Tremendous Value of Eating a Live Frog Every Morning


What are some of the tips that can enable small companies to grow big? What are the strategies for success that work at every level in an organization and at every size company?


Mitzi Perdue's unique background means she can share success tips and techniques that can change lives and can take


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Mitzi Perdue

Insider Tips from Wildly Successful People

“I really loved Mitzi's talk. She was so inspiring, and I loved how down to earth she is and approachable."


 - Felicia Matthews -

Executive Trainer






 Only 30% of family businesses make it to the 2nd generation, 12% to the 3rd generation, and 3% of all family businesses remain in the family by the 4th generation. The strength or weakness of a family's culture plays a large role in whether a family business continues in the family. In this very personal talk, Mitzi talks about some of the attitudes, tips, and techniques that her father and Frank Perdue used to foster family cultures that continue across the generations.



The Wall Street Journal reports that 85% of employee turnover comes from a lack of connectedness. One of the secrets of both Mitzi's father's and her husband's success is: they both created cultures which resulted in astonishing loyalty and connection. People who started their careers with them often stayed with them for life. People told her that they didn't just work for these men, they loved them. Many told her that...




 In 1993, something seriously unpleasant happened to Mitzi, and yet it turned out to be a total blessing. She was in a car accident in which she badly ruptured a disc and ended up housebound, unable to walk until....



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